Run Rabbit Run" (2007)

September 6-30, 2007
Gallery Primo Alonso, Hackney Road, London E2

    curated by Helen Kazan (left picture, right) and Renata Fernandez (left picture, left).Promoted by Artbust.



That is not the rabbit, yet. That was the soldier watching over it... (when it escaped at night....) to eat the guts and the heart of Renata Fernadez's piece of artwork, the soldier (shown here). 




Here we are! Here is the proof: there was real live installation at this show, which gave the show its name. The rabbit run took place in the pacio redisgned by architect/artist and curator helen Kazan, a virtuell wonderworld for rabbits (2).  Try to recognise the white something as a rabbit, please.


above: Christina Mitrentse

Flor Kent (above and two below),
shown in person standing smiling at us.


The Haunt for the Cover Star