Serap isik  
  Works and lives in London.  
  My curiosity with the mental and the physical transactions of 'being' has lead me to recognize the phenomena of geometry. Geometry captivates every aspect of our 'Being', fro the physical (based on geometrical patterns) to the mental (which registers the natural law of geometry and works beside these powers in order to exists). Through existence, the mind knows the properties of structure, and in silence it acts accordingly to these unavoidable rules. The ignorant frame of mind that we can exist in while interacting with the natural world when producing physical objects is a special habit that allows us to shift from the mental to the physical, without recognizing both the entities as being in need of one another. By adopting certain methods of making art using bamboo skewers and knitting, I want to produce art pieces which captivates a certain location, and embraces the elements of structure, balance, gravity and tension, al the hidden elements of geometry which enable the stability of the universe.