Naomi Kashiwagi  
  Works and Lives in Manchester.  
  A disciplined search for patterns.
Pen on acetate. 5 x 5 x 5cm.
  The origami water lilies were drawn using pen onto acetate. The use of clear acetate reflects the transparency of water in the water lily's natural environment. Square sheets of acetate reflect the unfolded origami form and continuous line drawings were drawn on top. This process was repeated excessively to capture the essence of the water lily. The parameters of drawing and manipulation of plastic are challenged. The reflective qualities of the plastic acetate produce illusory projections of the drawing.  
  Walking into an empty room, unfamiliar sounds fill the room. Strange percussive noises with an occasional musical accent. The source is ambiguous but familiar. The relationship between language, music and drawing are essential to my practices. The piano produces a drawing on a blank piece of manuscript paper with a sheet of carbon paper on top. They are placed behind the piano hammers at the top right hand side, where there was no physical restriction.. The keys are played. The interference of the paper between the hammers and strings creates percussive sounds. The whole process is recorded using digital equipment. The duration of the drawing has been lengthened to correspond with musical compositions. They are minutes long. Some of the composition becomes a progressive combination of Pink Floydesque drawing and sounds.
Using original sheets of blank manuscript paper rather than photocopies produces an authentic and physical drawing, rather than mock-ups. The smudgy delicate marks resonate on the manuscript paper after the drawing/composition/performance has been completed. Patterns can be seen between the drawing and the recorded sounds.