Michael Schwab  
  Born in Hockenheim, Germany, 1966. Work and Lives in London since 1997.  
  Inventory, 2006
Grid of 8 Canvases (Green Blackboard Paint on Canvas, Chalk, 81cm x 116cm each)
  Inventory is, as its name suggests, a raster for thoughts about art. The dimensions for Inventory are variable, although it has to date only been shown as a grid of 8 canvases in two rows of 4. The work is 'site-specific' in the particular sense that the writing that is applied to the canvases is done in situ each time the work is installed. It, thus, reflects a particular moment where my thinking about art is re-shaped in the context of an exhibition. At the end, before the canvases leave the space, the writing is wiped-off for the next event.

The medium of chalk-writing is chosen for its efficiency; it allows being very quick and provisional. The choice of canvas as support as well as the grid-pattern for the hanging emphasise Inventory to be a series of paintings rather than of school-like blackboards. The aspect of painting is crucial to the execution of the work as meaning is placed on the surface visually as tableau (studio setting) and not as part of a didactic performance (school setting). What the words say can, therefore, visually shift between being a pattern and meaning very easily producing moments of recognition that fade as the eye moves on over the work.

My thoughts about art are a private philosophy interested in the relation of art and understanding. Inventory manifests these thoughts artistically making philosophy privately possible as it relieves the word-as-diagram from a reduction into language. The work is an important element in my current artistic research at the Royal College of Art in London as it reflects most generally what I do when I do art.
  'Distance Circle' is a floor-based work. An arbitrary centre point will be chosen, from Schwab will measure the visible distance to walls, objects, etc in 15 degrees steps. These distances will be plotted onto the floor and connected by an outline. The resulting figure will be a representation of the space as seen from an particular height.
'Distance Circle' is a development from recent measurement pieces. For example, in 'Reconstructions (City Trees)' Schwab measured the distances between trees planted in parks and at street corners and reconstructed their layout. The material He used varied from small scale pencil drawings to A1 computer plots on tracing paper to chalk drawings on the side walk.