Dana Brintz  
  Works and Lives in London.  
  Nightstump. Epoxy resin, enamel, silicon rubber. 45 x 44 x 3cm.
   Autonomic Drift. Epoxy resin, enamel, archival ink, silicon rubber, steel. 60 x 90 x 5cm. 2005  
  The imagery is created by drawing within and between layers of resin poured into a mould of steel frame. Lines are executed intuitively using various techniques and materials. Lines are drawn by hand, flung from the end of a stick, poured from a vessel at varying heights or squeezed from a syringe. Small pools of resin are spilled across the surface and ooze into shapes that cast shadows on layers beneath. The methods employed all uphold the sense of immediacy, intrinsic to the drawing medium.
Reoccurring concerns in the work relate to the depth, texture, speed and shape of the lines that compose an abstract space. Even the works on paper are made built up in
layers of lines that intertwine and interact.