A Note From The Curator

Back in February, when we were writing down the brief for this exhibition, Alasdair Peebles and I wanted to set a challenge for ourselves, in other words, make our life difficult as artists.DRAWING was a subject we were keen to explore.

We put on a nationwide ad that urged artists to make a drawing considering photography, light, shadow, note making, mark making, tone and relief, plans and diagrams, instructions, preparation, plans. We emphasised the fact that the media was not important.

The level and variety of responses we received were astonishing. Notions of Drawing is the result of a careful selection of work that not only would come to life in the exhibition space of CIP in Peckham Rye Lane, but would relate to and enrich the rest of the featured pieces. The works range from a raster for thoughts about art, drawing in rubber silicone and resin, performance, sculpture, planetscape made in graffito, site-specific landscapes, calligraphy, UV light drawing, installation, interactive drawing…

Renata Fernandez Zarauza