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Just now the world remembers 20 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But what do we remember about the art of those days ? Thierry Noir, the man to who we owe the longest concrete painting in the world ?

As "artist of the month", November 2009, Artbust presents a painter, who stole the communist regime, the show from the west side: Thierry Noir. NOIR's works range from "wild" paintings on the Berlin wall to post-cards. Sculptures to real" canvas paintings.

Think about a history, where a painting could kill. Not the art, but the East German guards on the other side of the wall nervously holding rifles.

For the anniversary out of public interest we bring back "our" original website for Noir.


This web sight is based upon a multi-frame structure. On the left side on the window you will find a "general" navigation frame. This will hold the main topics of the section that you are in, and the links to the main sections.

Will will not able to provide all language options at present time. In future you can also change to different languages of this web sight with the different flags of the bottom.

When you are in large sections of NOIR's works you will be presented in "series explore" where you can browse through the all the works of a series in a "planer" method.

Explore and have fun !


In general: all work work shown on this site, is not for sale or not available anymore.

Each work for sale on this web-site has a individual identification number. You can write us an enamil requesting this or other work.

The shopping cart has been disabled. 2009.


I would just like to take a moment to reflect on the work of NOIR, and the work of working with him.

NOIR's work is invokes a central tapping to the core of instinct. What I mean is that NOIR has developed a style of artwork that gets to the core layer of ones own thoughts. Not simple, but...elemental.

In any case I hope that you enjoy the works of Noir, this web sight, and the impression that it will leave on you.

After Noir had withdrawn from this project after several months of hard work we (the copyright owners) now decided to display this draft out of public interest.

We had tried to preserve the style of Noir on this site.
(Brad Zenker, 1997 and Dietmar Bohne, 1997/2009)

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